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Vehicles and Support Units Edit

The Order of the Dark KnightsEdit

  • Durandul-class aerial cruiser
  • Vajra-class submarine

The Holy Britannian EmpireEdit

  • Avalon-class aerial destroyer
  • Spenglar-class navel carrier
  • New England-class navel cruiser
  • Missouri-class navel destroyer
  • Arkansas-class navel destroyer
  • Springfield-class navel frigate
  • Forsythe-class corvette
  • G-1 Base
  • FV403 Paladin
  • FV309 Crusader
  • AV345 Glory
  • TV311 Bradley
  • HV313 HMMWV
  • GR4 Tornado
  • GR9 Harrier II
  • R-1 Sentinel
  • AEW1 Sentry
  • HC3 Merlin
  • C-17 Globemaster III
  • Knightmare VTOL
  • Special Dispatch Trailer

The Chinese EmpireEdit

  • Luzhou-class destroyer
  • Luhai-class destroyer
  • Jiangkai II-class navel frigate
  • Jianghu-class navel frigate
  • Jiangwei-class navel frigate
  • J-10 Vigorous Dragon
  • JF-17 Thunder
  • J-8II Finback
  • Su-30MKK Sukhoi
  • H-6 Xian
  • Type-99
  • Type-98
  • Type-62
  • ZBD-97
  • Type-90

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